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Corporate Event photography service based in melbourne



Corporate Event photography encompasses events such as corporate parties, dinners, inaugurations, conferences and meetings, celebrations and festivals, awards distribution etc. This kind  photography is usually approached in photojournalistic mode, where interactions between photographer and people are minimal and shooting is done in a natural narrative way.

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When you are busy organising an astounding performance, or a show, or a concert, or a corporate event, or a community event, you need to focus on the million other things that need your attention. A bit of help just at this point of time will certainly go a long way - We’ve got your back. We’ve got the pictures. Our extensive experience in this genre of Photography will ensure that every detail of your event is well captured.

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We are committed to deliver image package that will precisely suit your business and communicate to your intended customers. All delivered images will be high resolution jpeg images, with 300 dpi. We will retouch to ensure every image has been well exposed and appropriately contrasted to display vividness and sharpness. 

Please check our Packages & Rates page to know more about digital  album, print-ready files, and delivery timeline.

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