Our Foundation

DreamPix Studio came into being out of love for rich and diverse stories that speak with passionate and authentic voice. We create images to freeze frame memories of our client's  special event or create images with a impactful visual voice for our client's business. 

As a premium photography service we pride ourselves on our style and quality. Our photographs have a natural lifestyle look & feel gently blended  with an artistic edge.


Our Experience

Saikat Biswas and Yulianna Tymovska are  the founding pillars behind DreamPix Studio. 

Saikat, in his 12 years of professional photography experience, has had the privilege to shoot many events, stars and people. His  profound sense of vision  and imagination lets him  easily  connect to his environment, and in principal becomes the guideline for his work behind the lens. Whether he is shooting a portrait or a corporate event, our clients can always rely on him to deliver beautiful and perfectly-lit photos of the highest quality. 

Yulianna has been managing the customer relations and assisting Saikat with ideas and photography styles & concepts. 


Our Photos

Our photography style and location vary from assignment to assignment, but our commitment to quality and craft is unwavering.  Whether it is about personal portraits/events or a corporate event, DreamPix Studio is committed to deliver exquisite image package for our clients.

Please see our Photography Portfolio for examples of our work. 

Our Corporate clients