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Welcome to DreamPix Studio website. We provide high quality, professional photography services. Our profound experience behind the lens puts us in a commendable position to satisfy customers with images which speak with authentic visual voice - whether it be a portfolio or an event, a commercial product or food. 

Good and Professional Photographs empower your image, whether it be your personality, or your business, or your brand. They let you connect and communicate to your audience and market more effectively.

Who we are?

Our Foundation


DreamPix Studio came into being out of love for rich and diverse stories that speak with passionate and authentic voice. We create images to freeze frame memories of our client's  special event or create images with a impactful visual voice for our client's business. As a premium photography service we pride ourselves on our style and quality. Our photographs have a natural lifestyle look & feel gently blended  with an artistic edge.

Yulianna Tymovska


Yulianna pursues mainstream career of M.D, Oncologist. She is main partner and primary assistant of Saikat in conducting DreamPix Studio operation. She overlooks into customer management, styling and makeup for portrait shooting. She also assists with conceptualized themes for outdoor shooting.

Being a mother of three, she is adept in understanding children and babies behaviour, which is essential during family, children, babies portraiture. Being an expert doctor her medical skills contribute to appropriate handling of newborns and babies during photoshoot session.

Saikat Biswas


Saikat is currently pursuing a dual career in Photography and IT Consulting. As an It consultant, he usually involves as a solution designer or architect. As a photographer, he commercially involves into portraiture, wedding and other events. He occasionally enjoys doing landscapes too, since landscapes used to be his favourite subject in childhood art-school.

Saikat has been doing photography for 12 years now. His  profound sense of vision  and imagination lets him  easily  connect to his environment, and in principal becomes the guideline for his work behind the lens. Whether he is shooting a portrait or a corporate event, our clients can always rely on him to deliver beautiful and perfectly-lit photos of the highest quality. 

What We Offer?

Why Choose Us?


Our prices are optimal ratio of cost and quality. Tariffs are formed taking into consideration of customer's requirement.


Experience, Skills, and Knowledge allows us to work as efficiently as possible, with any kind of lighting.

Real Emotions

We strive to capture real emotions and feelings. We emphasize on importance of details, point of interest and strength.


We take photos not only in Melbourne but also available for travelling to other Australian territories and also other countries.


We do not keep you waiting for months to deliver ready photos. We deliver ready photos within 2-3 weeks without any loss of quality of images. 


All photos are richly processed before delivery to customers: selection, cropping, colour correction, and retouching.